Get the best from your retirement years

Do you have ambitions you’re yet to fulfil but need some help exploring what you can afford?

Are you unsure how much money you will need to keep aside to fund your later life needs?

Do you have questions about passing your wealth on tax efficiently?

Whether your dreams for your retirement include sailing the world, starting a new hobby, setting up a business venture, or just being there to see the grandchildren grow up, our purpose is to help you express yourself and enjoy your retirement with a financial plan that supports your goals. We might even tell you that you should be spending more money!

How we help

You'll gain financial security
We work with clients at all stages of retirement to provide financial security for the years ahead. Our structured, ongoing support is designed to deliver confidence and peace of mind at every stage.

You'll be able to plan for your later life care needs
While you will quite rightly want to be able to enjoy your life in the present, true wellbeing can only be achieved when you know the future is secure too. We offer later life advice, providing guidance and much-needed peace of mind when it comes to concerns such as funding your later life care needs, estate planning and tax.

You'll understand whether you're spending too much... Or not enough!
Do you have items on the bucket list that you'd like to be ticking off, but you're holding back because you fear you can't afford it? Using sophisticated cashflow modelling technology, we can help you work out how much you can afford to spend now and how much you need to be saving for your longer term needs. Nobody wants to run out of money, but we feel just as passionately that no-one should be holding back from life when your finances support your ambitions.

You'll gain the peace of mind of knowing your wealth will stay in your family
As you make changes to your own life, you may want to be sure your loved ones will be taken care of in the years to come too. We provide expert, independent advice on issues relating to the transfer of wealth, gifting, Inheritance Tax and estate planning, to ensure you have peace of mind that your loved ones’ futures will remain secure when you are now longer here.


We now have six grandchildren. Greg's been very helpful in advising us as to how we can best leave money to them and sort out our Inheritance Tax liabilities.

Peter and Helen Rush

Client since 2000

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The stages of your journey

Your journey with us will be unique, just as your goals and requirements are too. But working in a structured way allows us to best meet your needs and build strong, ongoing relationships.


You make life easy for us to enjoy. We don’t have to worry about our finances as you look after our finances in the same way as you look after your own.

Mr & Mrs K, Stratford


A very big thank you to Adam at Warwick Financial Solutions for continued support on a range of financial matters from financial planning to savings and pension advice.



I was able to relax knowing that the queries and complexities of dealing with providers of my pension were being handled for me.



Everything is clearly explained and nothing is too much trouble for this professional and friendly team.



Richard helped me by explaining my options for retirement. He took time to understand my goals and objectives and helped me plan for the future.

Client, Durham


I am very happy with the personal approach and understanding of my financial requirements by Greg.

Carol Innes


Richard takes the time to understand our objectives, analyse our situation, and explain his findings without being patronising. He is straightforward and highly professional which is why we trust his advice.

John Wibberley

July 2020


I have always found your company and your team to be very informative, helpful and well-organised. Following your suggestion to inform HMRC of the change in my investments, I have just received a cheque from them. I am delighted that I took your advice!

Jenny, January 2023

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