I needed someone that I could trust and who was local.  Sitting face to face with an adviser is critical to me.  The fact that you were recommended to me by my accountant was a great start, and the ease with which we have discussed my plans and situation has been extremely important, not to mention encouraging. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

January 2023

Warwick Financial Solutions now has Government certification to guard client data against cyber attacks.

Our work relies on our clients being able to trust us. Our clients trust us to help them make the best choices with their finances. It’s just as important to us that you can trust us to make the right decisions with your sensitive data, too.

That’s why we have worked hard to obtain the Cyber Essentials Certificate, the UK government certification for cyber security. This is a nationally recognised scheme which proves a business uses best practice in the way it holds and uses valuable and sensitive information for clients.

We wanted to make sure that our company processes and systems were as robust as possible. The certification process took us through best practice and showed us what more we could do to enhance security, from increased encryption on laptops to updating security settings and raising the question of whether staff really need to have access to emails and data on their mobile phones.

What does the Cyber Essentials badge tell me?

When you see the Cyber Essentials badge, you can feel confident that you are dealing with a company that takes the security, confidentiality and integrity of your data, seriously, and has taken all necessary measures to protect it against cyber attack.

It is awarded to those firms that can show they meet stringent criteria, as laid down by the National Cyber Security Centre, a part of GCHQ.

Those criteria ensure that:

We use only secure
internet connections

We protect our devices and software with firewalls. Firewalls effectively create a ‘buffer zone’ between our IT network and other, external networks, which means that we are better able to keep out the traffic we don’t want entering our network.

All devices, software and apps
that we use are kept updated

We regularly update our software, applications and devices to ensure we are running the most current and up-to-date versions. By doing so, we can ensure we keep our systems secure and protected from any new security threats.

Access to our data and services
is strictly controlled

We ensure that all data that we hold is only accessible through user accounts, that administrative privileges are given only to those who require them to perform their role, and that what administrators can do with the data we hold, is closely controlled.

We protect our devices and software
from viruses and malware

The term malware is short for ‘malicious software’ and includes things such as ransomware and viruses. These programs are designed to infect software. We use proven anti-malware measures to prevent these dangers from entering our systems.

We use only the most secure settings for
our devices and software

As part of our certification, we have checked the settings on all our software and raised the level of security wherever necessary to ensure they cannot be accessed by those who do not have permission.

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Greg’s approach is very pragmatic and feet on the ground - and it works well. He doesn't blind you with financial lingo

Simon Grantham

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You make life easy for us to enjoy. We don’t have to worry about our finances as you look after our finances in the same way as you look after your own.

Mr & Mrs K, Stratford


A very big thank you to Adam at Warwick Financial Solutions for continued support on a range of financial matters from financial planning to savings and pension advice.



I was able to relax knowing that the queries and complexities of dealing with providers of my pension were being handled for me.



Everything is clearly explained and nothing is too much trouble for this professional and friendly team.



Richard helped me by explaining my options for retirement. He took time to understand my goals and objectives and helped me plan for the future.

Client, Durham


I am very happy with the personal approach and understanding of my financial requirements by Greg.

Carol Innes


Richard takes the time to understand our objectives, analyse our situation, and explain his findings without being patronising. He is straightforward and highly professional which is why we trust his advice.

John Wibberley

July 2020


I have always found your company and your team to be very informative, helpful and well-organised. Following your suggestion to inform HMRC of the change in my investments, I have just received a cheque from them. I am delighted that I took your advice!

Jenny, January 2023

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