Meet Sarah

Sarah fell into paraplanning by accident, having worked in the auto trade for 16 years. When a recruiter described the work of a paraplanner to her – conducting research, analysis and writing financial recommendations based on the findings – she realised it was perfectly suited to her.

How I like to spend my time outside work

Spending valuable time with those I hold dearest to me.

The important stuff

Just as we encourage and support our clients to achieve their goals, so we provide encouragement and support for our team members to do the same. You can see the qualifications that Sarah has obtained below.


Sarah in the spotlight

What do you most enjoy about your job?

The daily challenges – I am never bored.

Is there a sports team you support?

I adore motorsport!

Food heaven and food hell… What are they to you?

Food heaven = Spicy food!
Food hell = Horseradish sauce.

Is there anything you’re embarrassingly bad at?

I am not very co-ordinated when it comes to sport!

What is the last book you read that you couldn’t put down?

'Absolutely’ by Joanna Lumley

What is one show you never, ever miss an episode of?

Absolutely Fabulous

Three things guaranteed to make your day better:

Anything to do with animals.

What do you have absolutely no patience for?

People who are noisy eaters and have terrible table manners!

Which famous person would you most like to have (or have had) a conversation with?

I have met my idol Joanna Lumley and she was everything you would dream of and more! Lovely lady.

What three items would you take with you to a desert island?

Sun cream, sunglasses, sunhat (no one wants skin damage!)


You make life easy for us to enjoy. We don’t have to worry about our finances as you look after our finances in the same way as you look after your own.

Mr & Mrs K, Stratford


We have used Warwick Financial Solutions for many years, and have always been very happy, and felt secure, within the advice given.

Alison F, Pershore


Warwick Financial Services have managed and advised all aspects of my financial life for almost 15 years. Over the 15 years they have consistently given high quality advice in a clear and friendly way.



Gary has been incredibly helpful and reassuring throughout the entire process. We cannot fault the service we received. He was always just on the other end of the email or the phone.



A very big thank you to Adam at Warwick Financial Solutions for continued support on a range of financial matters from financial planning to savings and pension advice.



I was able to relax knowing that the queries and complexities of dealing with providers of my pension were being handled for me.



During the challenging times of Covid-19, the high standards I have come to expect did not falter and I was impressed, although not surprised, with how the company adapted so quickly and so well.



Everything is clearly explained and nothing is too much trouble for this professional and friendly team.



Richard helped me by explaining my options for retirement. He took time to understand my goals and objectives and helped me plan for the future.

Client, Durham


Gary has been incredibly helpful and reassuring throughout the entire process, and we cannot fault the service we received. He was always just on the other end of the email or the phone and always replies very promptly no matter how small/large the questions.



I am very happy with the personal approach and understanding of my financial requirements by Greg.

Carol Innes


Richard takes the time to understand our objectives, analyse our situation, and explain his findings without being patronising. He is straightforward and highly professional which is why we trust his advice.

John Wibberley

July 2020

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