quote-icon I decided to take my money out the scheme, and to invest in my own pension, which Greg has helped me with and helped me with very successfully.

Tim de la Fosse

My name is Tim de la Fosse and I’ve worked with Warwick Financial Solutions, mostly Greg, for over 40 years now.

I have been, until recently, and certainly was for over 30 years a pilot with British Airways. About four years ago, the British Airways pension scheme, which I was a member of being a British Airways pilot, was running into trouble. There were forecasts about, or rumors about what might happen with that pension scheme. So, I decided to take my money out the scheme, and to invest in my own pension, which Greg has helped me with and helped me with very successfully.

One of the things about the final salary pension scheme is that you’re guaranteed your money every month. But having taken the money out, what I have is flexibility, which I wouldn’t have had with my British Airways pension scheme.

It was a minefield. I wouldn’t have been able to flop my way through that minefield. I needed somebody like Greg, some sort of independent advisor to help me with that.

I’ve known Greg a long time and I guess the three words I’d use to describe him would be sincere, knowledgeable in his field, and successful.

Would I recommend Greg and Warwick Financial Solutions to other people? Well, actually, proof of the pudding is that yes, I have recommended Greg and Warwick Financial Solutions to other people.

Greg works closely with Richard, one of his associates. Richard is very knowledgeable on pensions and colleagues of mine have gone to Greg as well.


You make life easy for us to enjoy. We don’t have to worry about our finances as you look after our finances in the same way as you look after your own.

Mr & Mrs K, Stratford


A very big thank you to Adam at Warwick Financial Solutions for continued support on a range of financial matters from financial planning to savings and pension advice.



I was able to relax knowing that the queries and complexities of dealing with providers of my pension were being handled for me.



Everything is clearly explained and nothing is too much trouble for this professional and friendly team.



Richard helped me by explaining my options for retirement. He took time to understand my goals and objectives and helped me plan for the future.

Client, Durham


I am very happy with the personal approach and understanding of my financial requirements by Greg.

Carol Innes


Richard takes the time to understand our objectives, analyse our situation, and explain his findings without being patronising. He is straightforward and highly professional which is why we trust his advice.

John Wibberley

July 2020


I have always found your company and your team to be very informative, helpful and well-organised. Following your suggestion to inform HMRC of the change in my investments, I have just received a cheque from them. I am delighted that I took your advice!

Jenny, January 2023

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